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Whoopi – we graduated!

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The Graduates: (from l) The author, Jenny D., Austin Floyd, Kate H. Photo courtesy of fellow graduate, Kristine Stevens Beeco.

On Saturday, we all – “the writers” – got together one last time to celebrate SCAD Commencement.

We sweated like crazy under all that regalia – the gown that melts in rain and under irons, the velveteen hood with an appendix-like tail, the stole of gratitude (?) which apparently makes mothers cry, and a mortar board which no one looks especially good in (We’re all holding out for the hats the Ph.D.’s wear).

EGOT extraordinaire Whoopi Goldberg spoke, thanking the parents for biting their tongues when their children said they wanted to attend an art school, encouraging the students to “surf” and be flexible in their uniqueness, telling us that it’s okay to be different and strange while understanding that – at time – different and strange can be lonely.

And so…there was much laughter, some long hugs – the kind where you think if you let go you’ll lose something essential, and a few tears (most of them shed out of sight in some place like the shower).

Commencement is such a strange word for an ending.

But, it’s a beginning, too. Here are some of the new beginnings we look forward to:

  • Austin will now be Professor Floyd at Coastal Carolina. How lucky his students are!
  • Jenny is headed off to Brooklyn, where she is looking for work in PR, especially crisis communication. So employers – pay attention! She’s a gem.
  • Kate is headed to Dartmouth for ANOTHER degree in creative writing and is teaching at Armstrong Atlantic in the fall. Can’t wait to read her first novel!
  • Amber is working for This I Believe and spending the summer in Savannah with Ben before they head off to their future together in Austin, Texas in August.
  • Eli is going back to Charlotte, NC, where she’s applied for her dream job in student success and communications.

Stay in touch!


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June 7, 2011 at 1:00 pm

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